by The Unwritten

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The Unwritten are:

Pablo Rodríguez Zapico: Vocals and keys
Sergio Fernández Ros: Guitar
Javier T. Ferrández Pérez: Guitar
Aitor Martínez Rico: Bass
Alfonso Ruíz Frutos: Drums

All music written by Sergio Fernández Ros and performed and arranged by The Unwritten. Lyrics by Sergio Fernández Ros and Pablo Rodríguez Zapico.

Recorded February through May, 2017 at Albanta studios in Lorca, Murcia, Spain.
Mixed by Antonio Laborda
Mastered by Piti Martínez
Artwork and layout: Tumulus & Crafts


released June 24, 2017




The Unwritten Murcia, Spain

Progressive Metal band from Murcia, Spain.

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Track Name: Vertigo
Tendency drags
to an eerie and ethereal

Time is endless
maybe not for...
Life means something
maybe not for me

Bad days are going
to have an end
all thanks to you
As you feared good days
are going to have an end
because of me

Because of you
I'm diseased,

Tendency drags
Track Name: Nostalgia
The last touch ruined the paint
Drew this marks on my skin
Please leave me alone

Fragrances get over
I wish I could be sure
Is the smell that I remember
as I think to know?

When I left,
I had to swallow the key

After all
flush will never be the same
(The garden's call)
I wish I could be sure

Tendency drags

The man who walks down streets that change over and over dreams about simple days. The man who walks and left his hopes on the way. The man who walks, the man who faces, the man who hurts, the man who expires.
Track Name: Compunction
is out of control

What did I do wrong?
Childhood days
will never come back

What did I do so fucking wrong?
You, my son, piece of me...

You dirty ungrateful trifling ant
You make me remember
all I hate about myself today

At least it will be
fair if I suffer like you
Forgive me for it all

All we bless the machine
All we bless the machine
Track Name: Martyr
Nothing makes me flee. I've begun to confuse nostalgia with this deep and strange sense. Trying to hear each step as unique, I find it all the same. I still don't know why light turns off at uneven hours, but I see it as something normal.

Fragrances get over. Silence plays its annoying final. I'm exposed to the morbid audience and they rule the script. Another chapter from memories much too typical to be remembered. Time buries all. Death comes with deliverance.

I know that you don't want this too

Wind is trying to pull out
the last leaf on the tree
The crust is being corrupted bit by bit
Smoke made
everything tasteless
On its loneliness the leaf wishes to fall
Track Name: Instinct
You, my son
Why do you hurt me now?
My ears overwhelm
grate my soul
Hear me now
my son

You my son
piece of me
cut my veins
Spring from them
Give me more of you
Make me live
My son

Just hear me now

Please, kill me now